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ClayTech Pumps, a division of Clayton Engineering, is a recognized brand leader in the Australian market for domestic, industrial and agricultural pumps.

With quality and reliability a strong focus, these Italian made pumps have found a ready market. Back-up services and knowledge have made these pumps a preferred choice both around the home and farm.

ClayTech will continue to offer innovative pumping solutions to the now water-wise Australian community. To support its pumps, ClayTech offer a range of water filters for domestic and commercial applications.

Claytech is a member of the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia

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New Partners to Distribute ClayTech

Purchasing a quality ClayTech pumping system has just become a whole lot easier. ClayTech is now distributed through Tradelink (nationally), Swan Plumbing Supplies (QLD, NSW and VIC) and Benton's Plumbing Supplies (VIC only).



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2 Year Warranty - Made in Italy

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