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ClayTech - BlueTron 101

ClayTech - BlueTron 101

The Bluetron 101 is a high quality jet pump designed for Australian conditions. It operates automatically, turning on when the tap is opened, toilet is flushed or washing machine is started. The pump will stop automatically when water is no longer required. It also has a loss of prime protection, preventing the pump from damage when the rainwater tank runs out of water.

All pumps are tested to Australian Standards 60335 2.41 and have Approval No. Q070602.

Power absorbed 700 w
Max. head 42 m
Max. suction lift 3 m
Max. flow rate 50 L/min
Inlet size 1″
Outlet size 1″
Weight 7.4 kg
Owners Manual Spare Parts Manual
2 Year Warranty - Made in Italy

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